Mars rover takes colour picture of three-mile-high mountain

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Tue 28 Aug, AT 09:40

First high-resolution colour image shows geological feature that is the reverse of the Grand Canyon

Obama urged to give Neil Armstrong state funeral

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Mon 27 Aug, AT 12:56

First man on moon's death prompts US to mourn passing of age of heroism and exploration

Tributes for Neil Armstrong, as astronaut dies at age of 82

Talking Point
Sun 26 Aug, AT 09:35

First man to walk on moon passed away after heart surgery complications say "heartbroken" family


The robots have landed on Mars - now let's send humans

Opinion digest
Mon 6 Aug, AT 09:03

Opinion Digest: Nasa's next challenge, Cameron's misjudged Putin meeting, multicultural Team GB

Nasa delight as rover Curiosity touches down on Mars

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Mon 6 Aug, AT 08:54

Sophisticated lab has landed safely on the red planet and is already sending back data

Sudden Greenland ice sheet melt: is this climate change?

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Wed 25 Jul, AT 15:39

Nearly all of Greenland's ice sheet began to melt for a few days in July. Is climate change to blame?

Nasa image shows giant iceberg breaking off Greenland glacier

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Thu 19 Jul, AT 12:26

Petermann Glacier calves a second iceberg in two years, raising concerns at the rapid pace of ice loss


Top secret US spaceplane touches down, but what has it been up to?

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Mon 18 Jun, AT 14:58

US Air Force's X-37B lands after a 15-month mission amid speculation that it has been spying on the Chinese space station