Transit of Venus 2004

What time is the 2012 transit of Venus and how can I see it?

Tue 5 Jun, AT 12:12

This is your last chance to see a transit of Venus for 100 years. Here’s how…

The Milky Way

Milky Way v Andromeda: what happens when galaxies collide?

One-Minute Read
Fri 1 Jun, AT 15:34

Nasa confirms that our galaxy is doomed to crash into Andromeda... in just four billion years

SpaceX launch

SpaceX rocket launch gets Nasa out of a black hole

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Wed 23 May, AT 10:43

Space agency could be revitalised as private investment frees funds for further exploration

Ice berg

Ex-Nasa scientists tell Nasa to stop ‘unproven’ climate change talk

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Thu 12 Apr, AT 06:58

Former astronauts demand Nasa abandon 'extreme position' that CO2 causes climate change boss Jeff Bezos with '69 astronout Buzz Aldrin

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos finds Apollo 11 moon rockets

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Thu 29 Mar, AT 10:07

Saturn V launcher located underwater as Bezos joins ranks of super-rich science adventurers


Nasa debunks 2012 doomsday theory for a third time

Fri 9 Mar, AT 13:18

New video pours scorn on doomsday scenarios - but doth Nasa protest too much?


Nasa explodes asteroid fears after collision prediction

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Thu 1 Mar, AT 14:38

Concerns that space rock 2011 AG5 will cause death and destruction in 2040 are dismissed

Vanera 13

Photographs show life on Venus, says Russian scientist

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Tue 24 Jan, AT 10:27

Remarkable claim forces Nasa to deny existence of extraterrestrial life for second time this month