Vanera 13
24 Jan, 2012

Remarkable claim forces Nasa to deny existence of extraterrestrial life for second time this month

Apogee of Fear movie
One-Minute Read
23 Jan, 2012

Video was made in 2008 on the International Space Station - but without permission

Triangular UFO Stereo
19 Jan, 2012

Of course, if the space agency is wrong, a planet-sized spaceship is heading straight for us

In Depth
21 Dec, 2011

You couldn't live on Kepler-20e or Kepler-20f, but their discovery is still important

One-Minute Read
12 Dec, 2011

Earth-like microbes could survive in large parts of the Red Planet, according to study

One-Minute Read
06 Dec, 2011

New planet could harbour liquid water but scientist casts doubt on whether it is habitable