Ice berg
12 Apr, 2012

Former astronauts demand Nasa abandon 'extreme position' that CO2 causes climate change boss Jeff Bezos with '69 astronout Buzz Aldrin
29 Mar, 2012

Saturn V launcher located underwater as Bezos joins ranks of super-rich science adventurers

09 Mar, 2012

New video pours scorn on doomsday scenarios - but doth Nasa protest too much?

01 Mar, 2012

Concerns that space rock 2011 AG5 will cause death and destruction in 2040 are dismissed

Vanera 13
24 Jan, 2012

Remarkable claim forces Nasa to deny existence of extraterrestrial life for second time this month

Apogee of Fear movie
23 Jan, 2012

Video was made in 2008 on the International Space Station - but without permission

Triangular UFO Stereo
19 Jan, 2012

Of course, if the space agency is wrong, a planet-sized spaceship is heading straight for us

21 Dec, 2011

You couldn't live on Kepler-20e or Kepler-20f, but their discovery is still important

12 Dec, 2011

Earth-like microbes could survive in large parts of the Red Planet, according to study

06 Dec, 2011

New planet could harbour liquid water but scientist casts doubt on whether it is habitable