John Cusack in the film 2012

Close Encounters of the absurd Hollywood kind

Tue 4 Jan, AT 07:24

John Cusack movie 2012 tops Nasa’s league of least authentic scif-fi movies

Mono Lake, California

Nasa finds arsenic-loving ‘aliens’ in California lake

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Fri 3 Dec, AT 12:24

‘The definition of life has just expanded’ says Nasa - but not as much as space buffs had hoped

Artist's impression of Titan

Life on Titan? The great Nasa mystery unravels

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Wed 1 Dec, AT 15:43

Speculation is rife over an imminent ‘astrobiology discovery’ announcement by the US space agency

Robonaut 2, Nasa robot

Robonaut 2: first the space station – next stop Mars?

Tue 2 Nov, AT 16:22

A humanoid robot is on its way to the International Space Station

Star Trek USS Enterprise

100 Year Starship: Nasa’s plan to colonise galaxy

Wed 27 Oct, AT 08:12

Nasa man expects first prototype of a spaceship that will take us between worlds ‘within a few years’

Adidas Jabulani ball World Cup

Nasa gives Adidas another kick in the Jabulanis

Wed 7 Jul, AT 18:25

World Cup fever: Space scientists say the controversial ball is ‘unpredictable’