John Cusack in the film 2012
One-Minute Read
04 Jan, 2011

John Cusack movie 2012 tops Nasa’s league of least authentic scif-fi movies

Mono Lake, California
03 Dec, 2010

‘The definition of life has just expanded’ says Nasa - but not as much as space buffs had hoped

Artist's impression of Titan
01 Dec, 2010

Speculation is rife over an imminent ‘astrobiology discovery’ announcement by the US space agency

Robonaut 2, Nasa robot
One-Minute Read
02 Nov, 2010

A humanoid robot is on its way to the International Space Station

Star Trek USS Enterprise
One-Minute Read
27 Oct, 2010

Nasa man expects first prototype of a spaceship that will take us between worlds ‘within a few years’

Adidas Jabulani ball World Cup
One-Minute Read
07 Jul, 2010

World Cup fever: Space scientists say the controversial ball is ‘unpredictable’