National Portrait Gallery

Virginia Woolf by Vanessa Bell c.1912
16 Jul, 2014

'Glorious' National Portrait Gallery show distils brilliant, tragic life of Bloomsbury writer

Jerry Hall and Helmut Newton, Cannes by David Bailey, 1983
06 Feb, 2014

Bailey's 'astonishing' collection of photographs lights up the National Portrait Gallery with 'star-wattage'

25 Jul, 2013

National Portrait Gallery show re-evaluates the once popular 'Miss Marple with a paintbrush'

11 Jan, 2013

Duchess of Cambridge calls painting by Paul Emsley 'brilliant' - sadly, no-one else seems to agree

05 Sep, 2012

Chairing the Arts Council 'is about lifting public taste not reducing it to the level of the sewer' says Strong

09 Aug, 2012

From medallists, to chefs, this photography show celebrates the many faces of the Olympics