National Theatre

Gorky's Children of the Sun gets 'masterful' revival at NT

Hot Ticket
Mon 22 Apr, AT 07:30

'Brilliantly mordant' satire reveals Gorky's exasperation with Russia's middle classes

Five reasons Nicholas Hytner was a 'palpable hit' at the NT

First Reaction
Thu 11 Apr, AT 12:42

Popular shows, sponsorship and new technology created a 'golden decade' for the National Theatre

Witty politics drama 'This House' is a landslide success

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Wed 6 Mar, AT 07:30

James Graham's mix of showbiz and documentary lampoons 1970s British politics

John Lithgow 'priceless' in Pinero's The Magistrate

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Mon 26 Nov, AT 07:16

The National Theatre's spirited, genial Victorian farce makes a great Christmas show

Billie Piper 'thrillingly good' in National Theatre's The Effect

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Thu 15 Nov, AT 07:32

Piper wows critics in new play on love, drugs and neuroscience from 'Enron' writer Lucy Prebble

Cate Blanchett

Surreal thing: Cate Blanchett wins best actress nomination

One-Minute Read
Tue 13 Nov, AT 14:30

Youth, smaller venues and a Hollywood star dominate the Evening Standard Theatre Awards shortlist