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1635 Rembrandt self-portrait

Rembrandt self-portrait finally confirmed as genuine

One-Minute Read
Tue 10 Jun, AT 11:25

Experts agree that painting is the work of the Old Master after 50 years of controversy

Growth won't just happen: so when will Osborne get a grip?

Thu 6 Dec, AT 08:50
Richard Ehrman

Reform of planning and employment law has been endlessly promised but never seems to happen

Frances De La Tour shines in Alan Bennett's witty 'People'

Hot Ticket
Mon 12 Nov, AT 07:39

History Boys writer back with a 'mordantly funny' take on the English heritage industry

Planning minister Nick Boles: scourge of Luddites and Boris

Wed 5 Sep, AT 15:25

New Cabinet arrival sent Mafia-style threat to London mayor and called National Trust 'latter-day Luddites'


Tory swing to right: it's enough to make a Lib Dem have kittens

Wed 5 Sep, AT 11:51
The Mole

Heathrow unguarded, a climate change sceptic at Environment and a green belt sceptic at Planning

Planning laws part 2: Tories prepare for civil war again

Talking Point
Mon 3 Sep, AT 15:55

Cameron and Osborne hope relaxing planning laws will drag UK out of recession - but we've been here before


Pickles and Osborne – return of the green belt bogeymen

Fri 2 Mar, AT 08:00
The Mole

Coalition expected to relaunch planning reforms on the day before the March Budget

Prince Charles RIBA

Prince Charles accused of ‘bullying’ National Trust

Tue 18 Aug, AT 13:25

Heir to the throne wanted the organisation to change the design for its HQ after becoming its patron after the death of the Queen Mother