One-Minute Read
10 Mar, 2015

Samantha Power urges Europe to increase military spending and provide more peacekeepers

UK Secretary of Defence Michael Fallon
One-Minute Read
19 Feb, 2015

Defence secretary warns that Russia poses a 'real and present danger' to the Baltic States

Two Nimrod MRA4 reconnaissance aircrafts scrapped because of the defence cuts
One-Minute Read
10 Dec, 2014

'Hugely embarrassing' request for help made to US and France because of cuts to the defence budget

The First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
In Depth
08 Sep, 2014

In ten days' time, Scotland could vote for independence. Here's what would happen after that momentous decision

An amored personnel carrier in eastern Ukraine
One-Minute Read
13 Nov, 2014

Incursion could violate the peace treaty as Ukrainian troops prepare for combat operations in the east

Robert Fox
04 Sep, 2014

Cameron and Obama have a lot of persuading to do as the West faces IS and Ukraine crises

Nato high-readiness strike force
One-Minute Read
02 Sep, 2014

Russia says it will review its own military doctrine in response to the 'growing Nato threat' in Europe

David Cameron and Fogh Rasmussen
In Depth
04 Sep, 2014

Nato leaders will discuss Ukraine and the rise of the Islamic State – but what will the summit achieve?

Barack Obama at the White House
One-Minute Read
29 Aug, 2014

The Ukrainian government says its forces are now fighting Russian troops, not Russian-backed separatists