Barack Obama at the White House
29 Aug, 2014

The Ukrainian government says its forces are now fighting Russian troops, not Russian-backed separatists

27 Aug, 2014

Putin and Poroshenko agree to work together, but Russia says it's up to Kiev to end the fighting

A column of Russian T-90 tanks rolls through Red Square
31 Jul, 2014

UK defence watchdog says major overhaul is required to defend against cyber-warfare and 'irregular militias'

Wreckage from Flight MH17
21 Jul, 2014

Illuminati, a hit on Putin, Israeli foul play – just some of the theories that have emerged online

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets in action
24 Apr, 2014

Typhoon fighter jets sent to investigate Russian long-range bombers approaching UK airspace

Robert Fox
14 Apr, 2014

A quarter of a century after the Cold War, dreams of harmony and consensus are shot to pieces

25 Jun, 2013

Gun and bomb assault on president's Kabul palace is 'audacious', but does it mean Taliban are divided?

Crispin Black
20 Jun, 2013

If we've decided to 'cut and run' by holding talks with Afghan insurgents, why not just cut and run now?

Afghanistan war
01 May, 2013

PM admits UK is paying 'high price' for Afghanistan mission as British death toll rises to 444

19 Mar, 2013

Ordinary Cypriots are sympathetic to the Russians, who have boosted economy during the recession