Robert Fox

Kabul: as the dust settles, focus turns to narco-insurgency

Mon 16 Apr, AT 07:59 Robert Fox

Fighting drugs war, CIA ‘special forces’ will soon outnumber military Special Forces in Afghanistan

Sgt Robert Bales

Taliban vows revenge as Bales faces 17 counts of murder

One-Minute Read Fri 23 Mar, AT 13:24

Mystery over rising death toll as Sgt Robert Bales looks set to fight Afghan murder charges

Alexander Cockburn

Afghan rampage: it will only stop when the troops come home

Fri 16 Mar, AT 07:54 Alexander Cockburn

Assassination, desecration of bodies, the collecting of body-part trophies – it turned ugly long ago


Taliban backed by Pakistan, leaked Nato report confirms

First Post Wed 1 Feb, AT 11:02

Decade of warfare wasted, says classified report: Taliban set to return once allied troops are gone

Nato planning Libya-style no-fly zone for Syria, claims Russia

Summary Thu 12 Jan, AT 13:31

Russian security chief makes no-fly claim as Arab League peace monitor quits Syrian ‘farce’

muammar gaddafi libya

Libya: David Cameron’s other misjudgment unravels

Thu 14 Jul, AT 08:47 Alexander Cockburn

If you think Cameron shot himself in the foot hiring Coulson, try his Libyan debacle