Nadia Sediqqi killing highlights threat to Afghan women

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Mon 10 Dec, AT 11:37

Murder of a senior bureaucrat proves that women face spiralling violence in Afghanistan

Turkey set to deploy Patriot missiles on Syrian border

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Tue 4 Dec, AT 16:01

Turkish request to Nato comes as fears grow of Assad using chemical weapons

Nobel ridiculed as 2012 Peace Prize is awarded to the EU

First Reaction
Fri 12 Oct, AT 11:34

Controversial, political, comical: after twice rejecting EU membership, Norwegians give award to Brussels


Are Americans now thinking they’d prefer a beer with Romney?

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Fri 5 Oct, AT 11:35

Opinion digest: Obama and Romney’s beer and burger competition, plus Turkish-Syrian relations

Turkey gunman

Calls for Syria action grow, but West must beware Turkey agenda

Talking Point
Fri 5 Oct, AT 09:54

Cross-border mortar attack will boost demands for Nato military intervention, can the West trust Turkey?

Crisis escalates as Turkey approves attacks on Syria

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Thu 4 Oct, AT 13:00

Turkish parliament gives go ahead to deployment of troops in Syria following deadly cross-border mortar attack


People of Liverpool never gave up search for Hillsborough truth

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Thu 13 Sep, AT 11:10

Opinion Digest: the Hillsborough police scandal and why families now need inquests to be re-opened


Reshuffle: Give Lib Dems their own departments to run

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Mon 3 Sep, AT 10:43

Opinion Digest: Bold option in Cabinet reshuffle; the breakdown in trust in Afghanistan