muammar gaddafi libya

Libya: David Cameron’s other misjudgment unravels

Thu 14 Jul, AT 08:47
Alexander Cockburn

If you think Cameron shot himself in the foot hiring Coulson, try his Libyan debacle

William Hague

Hague, Cameron flounder as Gaddafi stands firm

Wed 13 Apr, AT 13:16
Robert Fox

As Hague falters on UK’s Libya policy, Robert Fox reveals the PM was warned not to back no-fly zone

Jeremy Morlock

Morlock to testify against fellow ‘kill team’ troops

Tue 22 Mar, AT 11:01

Trophy photos showing US soldiers with murdered Afghans likely to provoke backlash

French soldier and a British soldier in Afghanistan

Britain and France fighting together: it makes sense

Tue 2 Nov, AT 07:41
Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Ignore the Little England headlines - our troops have served under the French before

Site of a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul

Taliban attack Bagram as Nato death toll rises

Wed 19 May, AT 17:50

US deaths in Afghanistan pass 1,000 landmark; British casualties double in a year