Dutch troops in Afghanistan
22 Feb, 2010

Robert Fox: Dutch have opened the door to a racist prime minister and ruined their reputation in Europe

US Marines train in Helmand
One-Minute Read
14 Feb, 2010

15,000 Nato and Afghan troops are taking on the Taliban in Helmand. Is it worth the risk?

Hamid Karzai; Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
19 Nov, 2009

What they are saying about the Afghan president’s second-term inauguration

Silvio Berlusconi
One-Minute Read
16 Oct, 2009

New allegations come as Newsweek urges Italy to dump ‘playboy-in-chief’

One-Minute Read
31 Mar, 2009

Beijing has angrily refuted claims that it led a campaign of espionage that targetted Tibetan exiles as well as embassies, journalists and Nato

One-Minute Read
25 Feb, 2009

The arguments for and against military intervention in Afghanistan by Britain, America and their allies