Site of a suicide car bomb attack in Kabul
19 May, 2010

US deaths in Afghanistan pass 1,000 landmark; British casualties double in a year

Dutch troops in Afghanistan
22 Feb, 2010

Robert Fox: Dutch have opened the door to a racist prime minister and ruined their reputation in Europe

US Marines train in Helmand
14 Feb, 2010

15,000 Nato and Afghan troops are taking on the Taliban in Helmand. Is it worth the risk?

Hamid Karzai; Afghanistan
19 Nov, 2009

What they are saying about the Afghan president’s second-term inauguration

Silvio Berlusconi
16 Oct, 2009

New allegations come as Newsweek urges Italy to dump ‘playboy-in-chief’

31 Mar, 2009

Beijing has angrily refuted claims that it led a campaign of espionage that targetted Tibetan exiles as well as embassies, journalists and Nato

25 Feb, 2009

The arguments for and against military intervention in Afghanistan by Britain, America and their allies