Last chance: Nazi-hunters seek out surviving war criminals

Talking Point
Wed 24 Jul, AT 12:30

Simon Wiesenthal Center says no clemency should be given to 'about 60' war criminals still at large

Spurs fans

Spurs fans hurt in 'anti-Semitic' attack on pub in Lyon, France

One-Minute Read
Thu 21 Feb, AT 11:12

Thugs making Nazi salutes set upon Tottenham supporters ahead of tonight's Europa League game

Hitler novel tops bestseller list, raising questions in Germany

Talking Point
Wed 6 Feb, AT 16:01

Critics say satirical re-invention of the Nazi dictator as a 21st Century celebrity 'trivialises evil'

Otto Skorzeny

Trouble with Argentina? Remind them of their Nazi-backing past

Fri 29 Jun, AT 15:49
Crispin Black

Intelligence suggests Argentine sportsmen and/or supporters are planning stunts over the Falklands issue at the London Olympics

Mario Balotelli

Balotelli threatens to kill racists who throw bananas

First Post
Wed 30 May, AT 08:27

Manchester City's Italian striker says he will not tolerate racism at Euro 2012

Sol Campbell

Campbell warns England fans they could die at Euro 2012

First Post
Mon 28 May, AT 09:39

More claims of hooliganism, Nazi salutes and attacks on children in Ukraine and Poland

Barack Obama in Afghanistan

Colonial files: how UK officials nearly stopped Obama's birth

Wed 18 Apr, AT 12:56

Obama's dad, Nazi butterfly hunters and coconut workers - Foreign Office papers lift lid on end of Empire

Louise Mensch

Troll threatens Louise Mensch: which child should die?

First Post
Wed 11 Apr, AT 09:06

Internet troll found guilty of sending 'Sophie's Choice' email to MP after she suggested Twitter clampdown

Susan Sarandon attacked for ‘Nazi’ Pope quip

First Post
Thu 20 Oct, AT 16:11

Catholics and Jews unite against actress for ‘hateful’ remark about Benedict


A nation of looters: it even happened in the Blitz

Thu 11 Aug, AT 12:31

Calls for the ‘Blitz Spirit’ following the riots are misguided: looting was rife in London's darkest hour