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Olympic stadium

Olympics 2012: BBC staff will be bigger than Team GB

One-Minute Read
Thu 26 Apr, AT 10:03

BBC to employ 55 per cent more people than 2008, with one in four commuting 200 miles from Salford

maria bello

Maria Bello to star in Prime Suspect NY

Thu 17 Feb, AT 13:43

ER actress takes on Helen Mirren’s iconic role for NBC’s American pilot

Jerry Seinfeld

Critics pan Seinfeld’s ‘pointless’ Marriage Ref

Tue 2 Mar, AT 12:16

Comedian’s first TV show in 12 years falls flat after high-profile debut

David Tennant

David Tennant’s hopes of US TV stardom dashed

Tue 26 Jan, AT 08:20

Chicago law comedy starring former Doctor Who actor shelved by NBC after pilot

Conan O'Brien

$40m can’t save NBC from Conan O’Brien’s insults

Wed 20 Jan, AT 11:25

Tarantino offers to help with revenge movie: what do Sandler and Ferrell have in store?

How Jay Leno’s new show will change the face of TV

Wed 17 Dec, AT 00:00

Handing the 10pm slot on NBC to the veteran talk show host could spell the beginning of the end for Hollywood’s prime-time drama industry