Amazon Fire TV Stick review: will it beat Chromecast?

Mon 20 Apr, AT 12:15

The new Fire TV Stick dongle offers Prime Instant Video alongside Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Sky

Beasts of No Nation: Idris Elba film boycotted by cinemas

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Thu 5 Mar, AT 11:33

Will Netflix deal to show Beasts of No Nation on day of cinema release mean it's curtains for movie theatres?

Better Call Saul: reviews of the Netflix Breaking Bad prequel

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Spin-off series hooks some Breaking Bad fans but leaves others pining for the mighty original

Nasdaq Drops

Technology shares in decline: Dotbomb 2.0 or slow puncture?

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Shares in tech giants including Google, Yahoo and Facebook fall sharply, but could it be time to invest?

Game of Thrones leading man Kit Harrington

Game of Thrones simulcast: US-UK time lag hits zero

Fri 28 Mar, AT 09:40
Holden Frith

But why, in the age of video-on-demand, do Brits need to be up at 2am to enjoy the thrill?

TV revolution: BBC-Amazon deal signals the way ahead

Fri 28 Feb, AT 14:22
Holden Frith

Prudent auntie: why the BBC is climbing into bed with Amazon to keep 'Ripper Street' alive

House of Cards helps Netflix make Emmy history

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Fri 19 Jul, AT 12:07

Netflix picks up 14 nominations with first online-only shows to compete for the top awards

Netflix aims for TV 'revolution' with remake of House of Cards

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Mon 4 Feb, AT 11:22

Movie streaming company says it will transform TV by putting high-quality original drama online


YouTube set to launch paid-for channels

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Wed 30 Jan, AT 10:13

Online video site plans to enter subscription market, competing with streaming giants Netflix

Blockbuster Video goes bankrupt

Netflix and LoveFilm put paid to Blockbuster's DVD business

Thu 17 Jan, AT 09:22

But some Blockbuster stores remain profitable and Deloitte hopes to find purchasers