One-Minute Read
11 Apr, 2011

Business digest: Treasury to take legal action after Icelanders reject second plan in a referendum

US marine in Afghanistan
15 Oct, 2010

Dutch report paints grim picture of US Marines’ recent achievements in Afghanistan

Nigel de Jong
One-Minute Read
05 Oct, 2010

The Holland midfielder is dropped after yet another wild tackle and told to see a ‘mental doctor’

Geert Wilders
One-Minute Read
01 Oct, 2010

Anti-Islamic MP demanded anti-immigration policies as price of propping up minority government

Laura Dekker
One-Minute Read
28 Jul, 2010

Dutch teenager wins court appeal against ban on round-the-world trip

Dutch politician Geert Wilders
One-Minute Read
16 Jul, 2010

Populist Dutch anti-Islam politician will launch his party in USA and UK

Howard Webb World Cup final referee
One-Minute Read
14 Jul, 2010

Dutch squad get a heroes reception as English referee defends his performance

Hollands Nigel de Jong catches Xavi Alonso of Spain in the chest in the World Cup final
One-Minute Read
13 Jul, 2010

After the most violent World Cup final in history the culprits blame the officials for their defeat

Spain win the World Cup
One-Minute Read
12 Jul, 2010

Andres Iniesta‘s injury-time strike wins the trophy for Spain after most violent final ever