New Labour

Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands: the pros and cons

Thu 19 Jun, AT 13:50

From the Falklands war to financial deregulation and the poll tax, Thatcher transformed UK politics

Mail declares war on Leveson and warns of left-wing 'coup'

Media Watch
Fri 16 Nov, AT 09:38

Paper accuses 'liberal Establishment' of putting freedom of speech under threat

Eric Hobsbawm dies: six things about the famous historian

Mon 1 Oct, AT 16:36

Famous Marxist historian and one of the 20th century's greatest thinkers has died at 95


Miliband stunned as Tony Blair admits he fancies a comeback

Thu 28 Jun, AT 07:02
The Mole

Throwaway remark or calculated offence - it guarantees TB a media platform every time he wishes to give Ed advice


50p tax cut caps chances of overall Tory majority in 2015

Opinion digest
Thu 22 Mar, AT 09:48

Opinion Digest: Ian Birrell and Max Hastings on the Budget – and it it time Dr Who had a male assistant?

Blair and Campbell pay tribute to strategist Philip Gould

First Post
Mon 7 Nov, AT 09:45

Council estate boy who became a key player in New Labour dies from cancer at 61

Sarah and Gordon Brown

Sarah Brown: I wish I had spoken out for Gordon

Sun 20 Feb, AT 08:48

Former PM's wife is about to publish her memoir of life at 10 Downing Street

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

Mandy: Blair reneged on deal with ‘Mafiosi’ Brown

Wed 14 Jul, AT 09:49

Mandelson reveals that Blair plotted to divide up Chancellor Brown’s Treasury, but was too scared to follow through

A load of old Balls: no need to be scared of Ed

Tue 15 Jun, AT 12:31
The Mole

The Mole: As the Mail digs up the ‘Balls was a Tory’ story, the Telegraph reveals that Ed's actually no threat

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

‘You ruined my life’ Brown told Blair in ‘ghastly’ row

Thu 25 Feb, AT 16:20

But after damp squib of bullygate, does anyone care about Rawnsley's latest revelations?