New Zealand

Chris Ashton England v New Zealand
03 Dec, 2012

England's heroic victory over New Zealand makes today's 2015 World Cup draw a little edgier

13 Nov, 2012

Tabloid tales: McFly defend One Direction songs, Tulisa in trouble, Charles and Camilla in poo-throwing threat

Kim Dotcom
01 Nov, 2012

Brash internet entrepreneur hopes to shift blame for any piracy on to users of new filesharing site

18 Jul, 2012

Judge in extradition case steps down over joke to copyright conference suggesting the US is 'the enemy'

Queen Elizabeth II during the Jubilee tour
03 Jun, 2012

It's not the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth's accession nor her coronation. So what are we celebrating?

Anna Harrison, netball 'chair lift' lineout move
22 May, 2012

Kiwi defender Anna Harrison unveils radical new lifting move to thwart Aussies

18 May, 2012

Social network is testing a new feature that lets users pay £1 to promote their updates in friends' feeds