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New Zealand

James Cameron

James Cameron causes row buying titanic NZ farm

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Feb, AT 16:22

Storm over foreign ownership of land as Avatar director aims to quit California for New Zealand

Quakes hit New Zealand city still getting over 182 deaths

One-Minute Read
Fri 23 Dec, AT 07:34

Christmas shoppers flee from stores in Christchurch as a series of five quakes rattle the city

New Zealand All Blacks rugby

All Blacks threaten boycott of 2015 Rugby World Cup

Wed 28 Sep, AT 11:17

New Zealand says it makes no sense to play in England in 2015 without a better deal from the IRB


Scotland can kick England out of the World Cup

Mon 26 Sep, AT 14:13

Auckland could become the new Bannockburn if Scots can pull off another famous victory