News Corp

Rupert Murdoch
26 Jun, 2012

Hiving off the newspapers from the profitable film and TV business would please shareholders and stop the rot

Nick Clegg
13 Jun, 2012

But the Deputy Prime Minister also suggests the media has become obsessed with the inquiry

12 Jun, 2012

Former Conservative PM claims Murdoch did ask him to change his policy in return to media support

31 May, 2012

PM will not order inquiry after Hunt comes under fire over Murdoch ties at Leveson

25 May, 2012

Jeremy Hunt will have to explain controversial email to Cameron when he faces Leveson next Thursday

14 May, 2012

Former top civil servant suggests Culture Secretary is responsible for the actions of his special adviser

14 May, 2012

PM was reportedly so keen to hire Andy Coulson that he waived the usual confidentiality clause. Uh-oh...

11 May, 2012

Rebekah Brooks's evidence to Leveson has unearthed a very awkward email

Jeremy Hunt
27 Apr, 2012

Culture Secretary forced to hand over correspondence as senior Coalition members call for inquiry

20 Apr, 2012

Inquiry sets aside three days to hear testimony from Rupert and James amid tightened security