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News Corp

James Murdoch

News Corp denies James might ‘take a breather’

Fri 19 Aug, AT 11:11

Reuters claims plans are afoot for Murdoch Jnr to ‘step aside’ as Chase Carey seeks to calm investors

rupert murdoch

MySpace sale hits News Corp, but revenues up

Thu 11 Aug, AT 10:41

Business digest: Rupert Murdoch praises ‘good quarter’ but admits phone hacking scandal presents ‘challenges’

James Murdoch

BSkyB still want James Murdoch to stay chairman

Thu 28 Jul, AT 10:10

Business digest: Satellite broadcaster staying loyal to boss despite scuppered News Corp takeover

David Cameron

Was the Cabinet no longer impartial over BSkyB bid?

Wed 27 Jul, AT 15:20

First Reaction: Accusations abound after Cameron reveals senior Tories met Murdoch’s men 100 times

Rupert Murdoch

WSJ mea culpa: we were too easy on Murdoch

Tue 26 Jul, AT 13:03
The Mole

Editorial integrity committee agrees interview with its proprietor was not tough enough

James Murdoch

Pressure mounts on James Murdoch as board convenes

Mon 25 Jul, AT 17:42

Will he be gone by Friday? Even his cheerleaders say it’s time for a shake-up