News Corp

Deng and Murdoch naked in NMA’s version of ‘piegate’

Fri 22 Jul, AT 14:08

Video: And that’s just one of the Taiwanese animator’s bizarre depictions of the select committee hearing

James Murdoch

End of the road for James as BSkyB chairman?

Fri 22 Jul, AT 10:02
The Mole

After a claim that he misled MPs, can James Murdoch fight these fires and run BSkyB?

Wendi Deng

Wendi Deng: crouching tiger or loving wife?

Wed 20 Jul, AT 16:12
Venetia Rainey

The Chinese-born wife who leapt to Rupert Murdoch’s defence yesterday has a fascinating life story

James and Rupert Murdoch

Was Rupert Murdoch’s ignorance all an act?

Tue 19 Jul, AT 17:48

First Reaction: Murdoch Snr’s gameplan at today’s Commons hearing could backfire on him...

Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks

What time does Murdoch grilling start today?

Tue 19 Jul, AT 11:34

The First Post guide to what’s in store as tycoon and son head for Parliament

Chase Carey

News Corp shares jump at Carey for CEO rumour

Tue 19 Jul, AT 10:35

Business Digest: Chase Carey said to be lined up to replace Rupert as CEO if Commons hearing goes badly

News Corp shares fall

News Corp shares fall over phone hacking scandal

Mon 18 Jul, AT 10:19

Business digest: Parent company of News International suffers after resignation of two of most senior executives

Rupert Murdoch in 1960

Murdoch empire: 60 years to build, 15 days to ruin

Mon 18 Jul, AT 08:57

The departures of Brooks and Stephenson suggest there are no exit strategies left for Rupert Murdoch

Andy Coulson; Rupert Murdoch

Top Murdoch exec quits in bid to save US empire

Sat 16 Jul, AT 12:56

Wall Street Journal chief Les Hinton goes amid talk of Rupert’s media empire exploding and unravelling

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert says sorry, but he’s just winding up for the fight

Fri 15 Jul, AT 19:31
The Mole

Don’t expect too many more Wall Street Journal interviews without a staff revolt