News of the World

David Laws, Bob Diamond, Rebekah Brooks
04 Jul, 2012

Six days of sustained pressure was enough to see off Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond

Glenn Mulcaire
04 Jul, 2012

Private detective must hand over names of News of the World journalists who wanted phones hacked

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the UK premiere of Valkyrie in Leicester Square
02 Jul, 2012

Media mogul takes to Twitter to condemn the 'creepy' and 'evil' Church supported by Tom Cruise

Rupert Murdoch
02 Jul, 2012

Volley of abusive tweets at David Cameron suggests Murdoch is fed up with the PM – and the rest of us

Rupert Murdoch
26 Jun, 2012

Hiving off the newspapers from the profitable film and TV business would please shareholders and stop the rot

12 Jun, 2012

Former Conservative PM claims Murdoch did ask him to change his policy in return to media support

11 Jun, 2012

After hiring Andy Coulson and hobnobbing with James Murdoch, the Chancellor has a lot of explaining to do

Martin Lewis
01 Jun, 2012

Journalist who set up site for £100 in 2003 no longer has need of its services

Andy Coulson
30 May, 2012

Former Conservative director of communications driven to Scotland to answer questions relating to Tommy Sheridan trial