News of the World

Rupert Murdoch
01 May, 2012

Culture committee publishes report, but Tory members refuse to support verdict on Murdoch

Boris Johnson
01 May, 2012

London Mayor uses colourful language on TV but remains well ahead in the polls

01 May, 2012

MPs hold back from naming names. But are they being legally prudent - or protecting Cameron?

Tom Watson
19 Apr, 2012

Rebekah Brooks's office was bugged, claims MP, as she prepares to face hacking charge

Rupert Murdoch
12 Apr, 2012

London lawyer Mark Lewis takes victims' legal fight to the doorstep of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

Louise Mensch
11 Apr, 2012

Internet troll found guilty of sending 'Sophie's Choice' email to MP after she suggested Twitter clampdown

Andy Coulson
29 Mar, 2012

As the PM suffers a Blairesque 'Jackie Milburn moment', he clearly needs help polishing his man of the people act

Mohammad Amir, Pakistan cricketer
20 Mar, 2012

Pakistani bowler explains he was 'trapped' after sending texts to businessman

15 Mar, 2012

Stakes are high as James Murdoch asks Culture Committee to accept his side of the hacking story

Yvette Cooper
12 Mar, 2012

Yvette Cooper joins David Miliband in defying Ed to write for Murdoch's new Sunday tabloid