News of the World

Piers Morgan
20 Dec, 2011

From Bizarre to CNN via marriage to Celia Walden, the former tabloid editor who always comes up trumps

14 Dec, 2011

Murdoch is in trouble over an email he read on a Saturday and forgot about. It's all too easy

12 Dec, 2011

Defunct Sunday tabloid ‘off the hook’ over callous deletion – but they still had her phone hacked

01 Dec, 2011

Leveson has provided just what we needed: a ‘subhuman’ bogeyman we can hold responsible for society’s ills

30 Nov, 2011

Former News of the World journalist turned academic is arrested in dawn swoop

27 Nov, 2011

Alan Partridge star rebuts band-wagon claim by Graham Foulkes, father of 7/7 victim

25 Nov, 2011

Newspaper readership figures suggest there’s an opening for a Sun on Sunday

24 Nov, 2011

Actress, whose phone was hacked, was 'relentlessly pursued' by photographers

09 Nov, 2011

'I can only assume they were trying to dig up dirt – which has profound questions for our democracy'

07 Nov, 2011

£1.7m in cash and the use of an office and limo. Did she really leave News International at all?