News of the World

03 Nov, 2011

Murdoch siblings 'had family counselling to deal with issue of succession' says Vanity Fair

02 Nov, 2011

Conviction of Pakistani cricket cheats sends a message to players and administrators

02 Nov, 2011

News International execs were warned by counsel about phone hacking culture in June 2008

26 Oct, 2011

Mobile nicknamed 'the hub' was kept on the newsdesk of the News of the World

Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks
22 Sep, 2011

Met told Rebekah Brooks hacking was widespread ‘earlier than Murdoch team have admitted’

Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood
19 Sep, 2011

News of the World man turns up at the Sunday Times with a restrained tale of dodgy medics

David Cameron
07 Sep, 2011

Some Tory MPs believe Cameron’s serial lack of judgment should cost him his job

James and Rupert Murdoch
06 Sep, 2011

Former News of the World legal chief Tom Crone contradicts Murdoch Jnr’s evidence to MPs

steve coogan
06 Sep, 2011

Comedian pursuing phone hacking case says he objected to seeing Coulson ‘at the heart of power’

David Cameron and Andy Coulson
23 Aug, 2011

First Reaction: For a political party’s communications director to be in Murdoch’s pay looks unseemly