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Dowler 'false hope' messages were not erased by NotW

First Post
Mon 12 Dec, AT 12:42

Defunct Sunday tabloid ‘off the hook’ over callous deletion – but they still had her phone hacked

Shock! Horror! Tabloid hacks are the new paedophiles

Point of View
Thu 1 Dec, AT 07:31

Leveson has provided just what we needed: a ‘subhuman’ bogeyman we can hold responsible for society’s ills

Journalism lecturer Bethany Usher arrested on Teesside

Media Watch
Wed 30 Nov, AT 13:09

Former News of the World journalist turned academic is arrested in dawn swoop

Steve Coogan: I have not hijacked Leveson inquiry

One-Minute Read
Sun 27 Nov, AT 11:46

Alan Partridge star rebuts band-wagon claim by Graham Foulkes, father of 7/7 victim

News of the World readers vanish as rivals fail to deliver

One-Minute Read
Fri 25 Nov, AT 15:59

Newspaper readership figures suggest there’s an opening for a Sun on Sunday

Sienna Miller tells Leveson how paparazzi spat at her

One-Minute Read
Thu 24 Nov, AT 13:39

Actress, whose phone was hacked, was 'relentlessly pursued' by photographers