Mark Thompson
24 Oct, 2012

New York Times ombudsman asks: 'Is he the right person for the job given this turn of events?'

22 Oct, 2012

PM says BBC must explain why Newsnight dropped its investigation into Savile as editor Rippon 'steps aside'

George Entwistle
22 Oct, 2012

Tonight’s Panorama takes issue with the accounts of Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon and the BBC’s Director-General

George Entwistle
19 Oct, 2012

As a crucial email is leaked to The Times, can Panorama get to the bottom of the great Newsnight mystery?

18 Oct, 2012

Opinion digest: Cameron's eventual replacement, the petty Today programme, Prince Charles's letters

16 Oct, 2012

‘Very surprising' a journalist like Entwistle would not want to know about Savile doc, says Whittingdale

15 Oct, 2012

Why was George Entwistle made DG if he's really so uninterested in programme content?

12 Oct, 2012

David Nicolson caught Savile having sex with a 'very, very young' girl in BBC dressing room

01 Oct, 2012

ITV documentary will air recording of Jim'll Fix It star defending singer who downloaded child porn