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Will David Cameron refuse to toe Lord Leveson's line?

First Post
Sun 25 Nov, AT 09:09

The PM must decide this week how to regulate newspapers when media ethics inquiry reports findings

Sly Bailey

Investors call for Mirror chief to halve her pay

Mon 20 Jun, AT 09:27

Business digest: Sly Bailey should have her pay cut in line with group’s falling market value, say shareholders

Al Gore blasts News Corp for ‘ideological agenda’

Fri 20 May, AT 10:32

Former US veep furious after Murdoch closes down his Current TV in Italy

Charlie Brooker under fire for tabloid hack attack

Mon 18 Apr, AT 19:05

Writers unhappy as Brooker accuses journalists of 'actively making the world worse'

New York Times

NY Times has another stab at the paywall

Fri 18 Mar, AT 16:43
Venetia Rainey

It failed before – but Sulzberger needs to deal with falling advertising revenues

Kate Moss

Kate Moss ‘horny’, Richard Keys accused of racism

Sun 13 Feb, AT 11:58

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