NHS physician

Seven-day NHS: how will the ambitious plan be funded?

Mon 18 May, AT 11:22

PM accused of 'empty headline-grabbing' for promising that surgeries will be staffed seven days a week

Why have violence-related injuries dropped by 10%?

Wed 22 Apr, AT 12:22

Reduction in alcohol consumption and better child safeguarding practices credited for decline

The Mole

‘No party is telling the truth about crisis facing NHS’

Thu 16 Apr, AT 10:04
The Mole

Former chief Sir David Nicholson says the dire state of the NHS will become apparent this autumn

Pros and cons of privatising the NHS: could it ever work?

Thu 16 Apr, AT 09:02

Privatisation of the NHS is a hot election topic amid concerns over the health service's 'financial hole'

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Labour manifesto 2015: Ed Miliband's policies

One-Minute Read
Wed 6 May, AT 10:22

Every Labour policy pledged will be paid for 'without a single penny of extra borrowing', says party

Novartis 'bullied' doctors to drop trial of cheaper drugs

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Apr, AT 10:11

Drug firm accused of trying to block clinical trials of an eye drug which doctors say could save the NHS £100m

Female genital mutilation: what is it and why hasn't it been stopped?

Thu 19 Mar, AT 14:25

More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been victims of FGM – and the UK isn't immune

NHS worker

NHS 'culture of fear' revealed as Hunt announces reform

One-Minute Read
Wed 11 Feb, AT 10:17

Health secretary seeks to protect whistleblowers who sound the alarm about health service failings

NHS hospital

'Disastrous' NHS restructuring at the root of current crisis

One-Minute Read
Fri 6 Feb, AT 11:50

The 'damaging' NHS reforms made by the coalition have been condemned by a leading think-tank

Nick Clegg

'Zero suicide' goal: Nick Clegg says NHS must act

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Jan, AT 11:54

Deputy prime minister argues that suicide is 'not inevitable' and calls for a nationwide action plan