NHS reform

27 Feb, 2012

Lansley's controversial bill takes a step closer to becoming law – but many medics remain opposed

21 Feb, 2012

Andrew Lansley vs June Hautot is latest in a series of difficult - sometimes career-defining - encounters

21 Feb, 2012

If Cameron wants to reassure voters, how about Lib Dem David Laws as Lansley’s replacement?

20 Feb, 2012

Blogger tells how journalists were kept away from angry encounters between PM and hospital staff

NHS; hospital; surgery; operation
13 Oct, 2011

Talking Point: The Government is so determined to pass its health reform Bill, the details no longer matter

04 Apr, 2011

The Mole: Why the bookiesare offering short odds onLansley going this summer

Doctor Cameron
19 Jan, 2011

Briefing: Why the NHS reforms could be David Cameron’s poll tax