NHS workers in first national strike for more than 30 years

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Mon 13 Oct, AT 11:15

Midwives, ambulance crews and thousands of NHS staff walked out for four hours today over pay

David Cameron

GP surgeries to open at weekends under Tory plans

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Tue 30 Sep, AT 08:50

David Cameron tries to counter Labour's plan to focus its election campaign on the NHS

Man and a woman wait at a tram stop

Doctors to recommend TV-free days to combat obesity

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Tue 23 Sep, AT 11:21

New health guidance suggests people should limit TV and computer use in order to lose weight

Ed Miliband at the Manchester Labour Party Conference

Ed Miliband plans mansion and tobacco tax to save the NHS

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Tue 23 Sep, AT 10:17

Labour leader tells party conference his six big goals to transform how the United Kingdom is run

Depressed lonely man by window

Mental health report: the crisis at home and abroad

Tue 9 Sep, AT 09:48

1 in 4 will suffer a mental illness and a quarter of them go untreated. That costs the UK £100bn, a new report says

A social worker and an elderly person

Radical review proposes free social care and NHS merger

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Thu 4 Sep, AT 10:35

Commission proposes rise in National Insurance to fund social care for people with 'critical' needs

Ashya King 'cured of cancer' by treatment denied on the NHS

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Mon 23 Mar, AT 09:38

Five-year old is now cancer-free after receiving proton beam therapy in the Czech Republic, say his parents

Depressed lonely man by window

How therapy for depression can improve cancer care

Thu 28 Aug, AT 11:51

Outcomes for cancer patients improve 'dramatically' when treatment addresses patients' mental health

NHS physician

Are Jeremy Hunt's new medics just 'doctors on the cheap'?

Fri 22 Aug, AT 11:23

Government to increase the number of physician Associates, who only need two years of training

Doctors look at films of breast cancer X-rays

Kadcyla: why breast cancer drug won't be on the NHS

Fri 8 Aug, AT 11:27

Another 'huge blow' to cancer patients, as campaigners call on drug companies to bring down costs