NHS hospital Stafford vk

Gagging orders bar 'hundreds' of NHS staff from speaking out

One-Minute Read Mon 18 Feb, AT 09:13

Leading surgeon claims NHS is taking a 'Stalinist' approach to silencing critics of health standards

Pressure builds on NHS boss Nicholson to step aside

First Reaction Thu 7 Feb, AT 09:38

New investigation into care at UK hospitals ups pressure on beleaguered NHS chief to step down

Mid-Staffordshire NHS trust report: the key findings

Summary Wed 6 Feb, AT 12:43

Francis inquiry into NHS scandal blames culture of targets and urges hospital staff to admit mistakes

NHS in 'historic' push to offer breast cancer prevention drugs

First Reaction Tue 15 Jan, AT 10:38

Praise for plan to offer drugs to women who are healthy but at risk because of family history

MP's husband died like 'battery hen' because nurses don't care

First Post Wed 5 Dec, AT 10:45

Ann Clwyd shares story of her husband's death as nursing chief demands more compassion

Alcohol: 45p-a-unit minimum 'ineffective and unfair'

First Reaction Wed 28 Nov, AT 12:12

Drinks industry fights back as government plans to ban two-for-one offers and other cheap booze incentives

Winter vomiting bug outbreak forces hospital ward closures

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Nov, AT 10:49

As cases of norovirus rise 50 per cent from last year, experts advise how to avoid highly contagious virus

Flu vaccine 'over-hyped' and wastes taxpayer's money

One-Minute Read Wed 21 Nov, AT 16:20

Experts say British public have been mislead over the effectiveness of flu jab given to millions each year