Winter vomiting bug outbreak forces hospital ward closures

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Nov, AT 10:49

As cases of norovirus rise 50 per cent from last year, experts advise how to avoid highly contagious virus

Flu vaccine 'over-hyped' and wastes taxpayer's money

One-Minute Read Wed 21 Nov, AT 16:20

Experts say British public have been mislead over the effectiveness of flu jab given to millions each year

DNA testing

Doctors stop superbug MRSA in its tracks with DNA testing

First Reaction Wed 14 Nov, AT 09:38

Inexpensive technique identified source of infection in a hospital - and could be used against E. coli and salmonella


If Mitt Romney wins, it's time to head to Canada – or is it?

Media Watch Mon 5 Nov, AT 12:12

US liberals threaten to head north if Romney succeeds but have they kept up with Canada's turn to the right?

Jimmy Savile 'took teen girls' on nocturnal visits to Leeds hospital

One-Minute Read Wed 31 Oct, AT 10:58

Savile was handed keys to nurses' accommodation, claims fellow porter at Leeds General Infirmary

David Cameron has badly let down his fellow Christians

Thu 6 Sep, AT 09:48 Crispin Black

The PM promised to make it possible for people to wear a cross at work – but he has done nothing


Cabinet reshuffle: 'illiberal moment' or obstacle removal?

Opinion digest Wed 5 Sep, AT 10:22

Opinion Digest: for and against the Cabinet reshuffle, and online sock puppets

Norfolk Broads: mystery deepens as details of deaths emerge

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Sep, AT 16:00

Man thought to have strangled his girlfriend before drowning himself and leaving 13-year-old on board