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Nick Clegg

Columnist Don Brind

16 days left: four new polls give little hope to Tories

Tue 21 Apr, AT 10:09
Don Brind

Polling average still has parties neck-and-neck which is unlikely to keep Cameron in Downing Street

The Mole

‘No party is telling the truth about crisis facing NHS’

Thu 16 Apr, AT 10:04
The Mole

Former chief Sir David Nicholson says the dire state of the NHS will become apparent this autumn

Columnist Don Brind

Lib Dem wipeout predicted in southwest ‘heartland’

Thu 16 Apr, AT 09:57
Don Brind

Clegg’s coalition dreams in tatters if ComRes poll proves accurate and party is reduced to 19 MPs

Columnist Don Brind

Touchy old Lib Dem backers could hold key to election

Wed 15 Apr, AT 10:38
Don Brind

Many who voted for Clegg’s party in 2010 still don't know what to do now – and it could decisive

 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Lib Dem manifesto lays out non-negotiable schools pledge

Wed 15 Apr, AT 09:06

After tuition fees fiasco, Clegg gives five manifesto pledges 'near religious status' in any coalition deal

Columnist Don Brind

Polls give Dave and Ed a tie but Nicola nicks top spot

Fri 3 Apr, AT 09:46
Don Brind

Meanwhile new YouGov poll gives Tories 37% - the vote share they achieved at the 2010 election

Columnist Don Brind

Clegg’s potential defeat puts kibosh on another coalition

Thu 2 Apr, AT 11:08
Don Brind

New polling puts Clegg’s political career at risk – and threatens chance of second coalition with Tories

Columnist Don Brind

Five reasons why Tories have their backs to the wall

Mon 30 Mar, AT 08:55
Don Brind

Despite one encouraging poll, Cameron launches his campaign with the numbers refusing to add up

Cameron gets his way as TV debates finally fixed

Sun 22 Mar, AT 20:42

Four televised events okayed - and PM gets away with his plan to evade face-to-face with Miliband

Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage: what was Ukip leader doing before politics?

Thu 19 Mar, AT 15:41

From City trader to the leader of a national political party that wants to take on the Establishment