Nick Clegg

Ukip leader Nigel Farage
19 Mar, 2015

From City trader to the leader of a national political party that wants to take on the Establishment

Columnist Don Brind
17 Mar, 2015

One prediction says it’s curtains – but Peter Kellner of YouGov says they have a chance of a comeback

The Mole
12 Mar, 2015

Candidate resigns from party in wake of dodgy donor sting - but still wants to stand as independent

David Cameron arrives at EU summit in Brussels
06 Mar, 2015

Cameron's ultimatum has not gone down well – given how keen he was to debate in 2010

David Cameron
26 Feb, 2015

Latest figures show net migration has increased, despite Tory pledge to slash numbers before general election

The Mole
19 Feb, 2015

Lib Dem leader blamed for nursery charges rising to average £6,000 - among highest in the West

Columnist Don Brind
08 Feb, 2015

Lord Ashcroft forced to apologise: Ed Miliband gets a break – he’s actually miles ahead in Doncaster

Columnist Don Brind
06 Feb, 2015

Latest thinking is that Clegg will quit rather than deal with Labour – if he’s not ousted by Sheffield voters first

The Mole
23 Jan, 2015

The leader of the Greens – and of the SNP and Plaid Cymru - are now invited: it’s looking like a farce

Nick Clegg
19 Jan, 2015

Deputy prime minister argues that suicide is 'not inevitable' and calls for a nationwide action plan