Nick Clegg

Clegg nails his trousers to Conservatives’ mast

Thu 22 Sep, AT 10:52 The Mole

Lib Dem leader can expect a roasting next week after his ‘don’t trust Labour’ speech

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

Soak the rich, quit Europe - its conference season

Mon 19 Sep, AT 08:55 The Mole

Nick and Dave agreed to knock each other’s parties during conference season – and here we go... are hopping mad

Nick Clegg David Cameron

Is it time Cameron showed Clegg who’s boss?

News Sun 11 Sep, AT 14:46

Talking point: Conservative MPs are revolting against what they see as too much Lib Dem influence on Coalition policy

David Cameron

PM bows to pressure for post-riots inquiry

Tue 16 Aug, AT 12:06 The Mole

Labour threatened to hold its own inquiry – which was bound blame the austerity cuts

Nick Clegg

Don’t hold your breath for Nick Clegg’s bank bonanza

Fri 24 Jun, AT 08:58 The Mole

Shares handout was really about deputy PM ‘having a laugh at Osborne’s expense’

Nick Clegg

Free bank shares? Nice try, Clegg, but will it work?

News Thu 23 Jun, AT 13:42

First reaction: Nick Clegg wants to hand out RBS and Lloyds shares to the taxpayers who rescued them