Nick Clegg

10 Downing Street
07 May, 2015

Election day arrives: it's all over bar the voting (and the talk of Downing Street plots)

The Mole
09 Jan, 2015

Cameron accused of ‘chickening out’ of TV debates because he fears Farage’s impact on Tory voters

The Mole
06 Jan, 2015

Coalition will stay in place until election day despite Lib Dems’ distaste for Osborne’s measures

Columnist Don Brind
19 Dec, 2014

Sudden slump in voter 'satisfaction' with Ukip's Nigel Farage offers Cameron a ray of hope

Columnist Don Brind
09 Dec, 2014

Clegg’s MPs are not as popular as they think - study suggests fewer than 20 will survive election

BBC Broadcasting House
04 Dec, 2014

And Clegg’s absence suggests there may be no second coalition if Tories can pull off election victory

02 Dec, 2014

Cartoon depicting Nigel Farage running down political rivals first appeared in the Daily Telegraph

The Mole
01 Dec, 2014

Cash for NHS and roads masks bad news on borrowing (and it’s odd how many roads serve coalition seats)

27 Nov, 2014

New polling by Lord Ashcroft holds warnings not only for Miliband, but for Clegg and Farage too

The Mole
26 Nov, 2014

Lib Dem leader’s FT article underlines hardening attitude in Westminster to migrants claiming welfare