Nick Clegg

Don Brind
27 May, 2014

Recent polling is horrible news for the Lib Dem leader - yet most people now want UK to stay in Europe

26 May, 2014

While Ukip prepare to target Westminster seats, is it time the Lib Dems withdrew from the coalition?

Nick Clegg
25 May, 2014

Pressure grows on leader after poor election results, but Clegg insists he will not walk away

Don Brind
13 May, 2014

Ukip is stealing support and Ed is not impressing voters: will local elections tell a different story?

08 May, 2014

Telegraph blogger goes ballistic over Labour’s new party political spoof. Does he have a point?

The Mole
28 Apr, 2014

And Labour peer warns that Miliband will suffer too if he doesn't address working-class voters' concerns

A volunteer sorts through donations at a Food Bank in London
16 Apr, 2014

Number of people receiving food parcels almost tripled last year, but ministers deny benefits cut link

Nick Clegg
12 Apr, 2014

Nick Clegg has pandered to detractors, adds Jeremy Browne

The Mole
03 Apr, 2014

Whatever happened to the blue-eyed boy of the 2010 debates? Even his own supporters think Farage won

Nigel Farage
03 Apr, 2014

Anti-EU leader triumphed by channelling popular outrage at political elite, experts say