Nick Clegg

gay marriage
28 Mar, 2014

A 'significant milestone' in the fight for equality, but opinion remains divided

Farage Clegg debate
27 Mar, 2014

He may have been sweating - but he didn't 'look nuts' and he's staked his claim as UK's leading Eurosceptic

Don Brind
25 Mar, 2014

The savings and pensions Budget went down well - but was it the game-changer Osborne needed?

The Mole
17 Mar, 2014

He needs the money – and he needs to refute Labour's charge that he's only out to help the rich

10 Mar, 2014

'Are you employing - or have you ever employed - a foreign cleaner?' It's the new 'McCarthy' question

Clegg and Farage
05 Mar, 2014

Lib Dem and Ukip leaders to go head to head on radio and television in 'great battle of the minnows'

25 Feb, 2014

PM is trying to placate his angry right-wing – and also tempt voters who prefer single-party government

21 Feb, 2014

Ukip leader hopes it will lead to him being included in televised leaders' debates at 2015 general election

17 Feb, 2014

Lib Dem leader has gone off ‘ideological’ Tories and now fancies ‘more realistic’ Labour

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem Party Conference
30 Jan, 2014

Smoking in a car full of kids is 'stupid' says deputy PM, but a new law isn't the answer