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Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem Party Conference

Nick Clegg: 'I'm against ban on smoking in cars carrying kids'

One-Minute Read
Thu 30 Jan, AT 12:47

Smoking in a car full of kids is 'stupid' says deputy PM, but a new law isn't the answer

Hundreds of vulnerable Syrians to be given refuge in UK

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Jan, AT 09:30

Amnesty says move is 'long overdue' but polls suggest nearly half of voters are opposed

Lib Dems hit by sex scandal 'more serious' than Rennard

First Reaction
Thu 23 Jan, AT 11:31

MP Mike Hancock accused of exposing himself to disabled constituent but party 'did not act on claim'

Lord Rennard starts legal action against Lib Dem suspension

First Reaction
Tue 21 Jan, AT 09:42

Peer's move to seek injunction lifting his suspension could lead to 'blood bath', say experts

Don Brind

Rennard: as Lib Dems squirm it's good news for Labour

Tue 21 Jan, AT 08:46
Don Brind

Anything that damages Nick Clegg is a boost for Ed Miliband as polls continue to back Labour

Rennard suspended: Lib Dems face High Court battle

Mon 20 Jan, AT 15:18
The Mole

Rennard calls for his accusers to back down and tells how he has considered 'self harm'

Rennard, Clegg and me: Cathy Newman upset at being booed

First Reaction
Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:19

C4 News presenter who first broke the story is forced to question Clegg at mental health speech

Nick Clegg

Clegg leadership on the line as Rennard saga splits Lib Dems

Mon 20 Jan, AT 10:21
The Mole

Women threaten to resign, there’s talk of a plot against Rennard, Clegg sounds like he's pleading with the peer

Lord Rennard 260213

Nick Clegg renews call for Lord Rennard to apologise

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Thu 16 Jan, AT 11:33

Peer accused of sexual harrassment won't face any action and friend says he has no need to apologise


Ed Balls/Nick Clegg love-in: laying ground for new coalition

Fri 10 Jan, AT 10:08
The Mole

Labour missed a trick in 2010: now they're taking Lib Dems seriously in case it proves necessary