Nick Robinson

Andrew Neil

BBC’s Daily Politics shows Newsnight how it’s done

Thu 5 Feb, AT 13:14
Nigel Horne

If taking on Big Business proves a turning point in Miliband’s fortunes, only Andrew Neil’s show was on the money

The Mole

Farage goes to Scotland: just what the No camp doesn’t need

Fri 12 Sep, AT 11:43
The Mole

YouGov poll puts No campaign back in front: but Farage is a risk and Cameron is in the soup

Cameron's speech: 'appalling jokes' fail to rouse crowd

First Reaction
Wed 2 Oct, AT 16:19

Political commentators unimpressed by PM's speech – but was it down to the conference hall?

MPs brace for anger over pay rise of more than £6,000

Talking Point
Thu 11 Jul, AT 09:34

David Cameron says pay hike would be 'unthinkable' but most MPs secretly covet watchdog's 9.3% rise

Count the spoons! Miliband and Balls are out to cut benefits

Wed 5 Jun, AT 11:14
The Mole

Labour leader and his shadow chancellor want to persuade us they won't be soft on 'scroungers'

Will David Cameron face a confidence vote? It's on the cards

Tue 21 May, AT 10:31
The Mole

Tory backbenchers are seething over 'Swivelgate' and yesterday's gay marriage plot with Ed Miliband


EU debate: Miliband wriggles off Naughtie's kebab skewer

Thu 17 Jan, AT 12:51
The Mole

Labour leader desperately avoids answering big EU question: will Labour allow a referendum?

BBC staff welcome new Director-General Tony Hall

First Reaction
Thu 22 Nov, AT 15:05

But new boss might be controversial for some older BBC staff, as he was close to the unpopular John Birt


Flashman is back – taunting Ed Miliband and defending Mitchell

Wed 17 Oct, AT 14:21
The Mole

Labour leader lands punches over 'Plebgate' – before David Cameron's 'inner Flashman' appears at PMQs

Right to use force on burglars 'a victory for householders'

First Reaction
Tue 9 Oct, AT 09:47

From hug-a-hoodie to bash-a-burglar: new law will make even 'disproportionate force' acceptable