Nick Robinson

Andrew Neil
05 Feb, 2015

If taking on Big Business proves a turning point in Miliband’s fortunes, only Andrew Neil’s show was on the money

The Mole
12 Sep, 2014

YouGov poll puts No campaign back in front: but Farage is a risk and Cameron is in the soup

02 Oct, 2013

Political commentators unimpressed by PM's speech – but was it down to the conference hall?

11 Jul, 2013

David Cameron says pay hike would be 'unthinkable' but most MPs secretly covet watchdog's 9.3% rise

05 Jun, 2013

Labour leader and his shadow chancellor want to persuade us they won't be soft on 'scroungers'

21 May, 2013

Tory backbenchers are seething over 'Swivelgate' and yesterday's gay marriage plot with Ed Miliband

17 Jan, 2013

Labour leader desperately avoids answering big EU question: will Labour allow a referendum?

22 Nov, 2012

But new boss might be controversial for some older BBC staff, as he was close to the unpopular John Birt

17 Oct, 2012

Labour leader lands punches over 'Plebgate' – before David Cameron's 'inner Flashman' appears at PMQs

09 Oct, 2012

From hug-a-hoodie to bash-a-burglar: new law will make even 'disproportionate force' acceptable