Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy in 'rage' over secret tapes of him and Carla Bruni

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Mar, AT 12:44

Sarkoleaks: Bruni mocked French president about his salary, while adviser called him 'the dwarf'

Nicolas Sarkozy is on comeback trail says Chirac's wife

One-Minute Read Wed 22 Jan, AT 10:43

Bernadette Chirac gives strongest indication to date that France's ex-president wants his old job back

Uefa backs winter World Cup as Blatter admits foul play

First Reaction Thu 19 Sep, AT 15:42

Prospect of a winter World Cup gets closer, but fans want Qatar stripped of tournament

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni angers Air France staff over New York freebie

One-Minute Read Thu 4 Jul, AT 12:46

Employees facing massive job cuts say singer shouldn't have got free flight to promote her new album

Sarkozy under investigation for 'exploiting frail L'Oreal heiress'

First Post Fri 22 Mar, AT 10:05

Ex-President 'in state of incomprehension' at court's decision – but he faces up to three years' jail if guilty

Christine LaGarde

Cops raid Lagarde's Paris home: not the headline the IMF needed

First Post Thu 21 Mar, AT 11:56

Christine Lagarde's appointment was meant to bring a fragrant new era post-DSK. What went wrong?

Carla Bruni: Sarkozy ‘devoured the little boy in me’

Sunday Papers Sun 2 Dec, AT 11:55

From the Sunday papers: from Bruni’s ‘absolutely sensual’ breastfeeding to civil servants’ gay sex failure

Hollande v Mittal: is France sending business to guillotine?

First Reaction Wed 28 Nov, AT 12:19

Row between Socialist government and Indian tycoon resurrects fears of widespread French nationalisation

Hollande 'shared' mistress Trierweiler with Sarkozy aide

One-Minute Read Thu 11 Oct, AT 09:02

New book claims French First Lady carried on two affairs at the same time while she was married

Documentary will allege Jimmy Savile abused teens

Sunday Papers Sun 5 Aug, AT 13:02

From the Sunday papers: from Jimmy Savile abuse allegations to John Inverdale in tears