Football boots, World Cup
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27 Feb, 2014

Stars like Luis Suarez and Andres Iniesta are set to launch a footwear revolution this summer

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16 Jan, 2015

Designer says team is working as hard as possible to deliver Nike MAG with Power Laces in 2015

30 Jul, 2013

Nike mix-up comes after Newcastle striker agrees to wear sponsor's shirt following casino faux-pas

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25 Jul, 2013

Rooney does not feature in campaign for the new-look away strip, which resembles Man City's

09 Jul, 2013

Arsenal back in yellow for the first time since 2009 as transfer gossip stars show off Spurs' new look

Roger Federer orange shoes
26 Jun, 2013

Fashion icon champion falls foul of all-white dress code after donning footwear with orange sole

06 Jun, 2013

Fancy new collar and go-faster stripes on the socks - perhaps Rooney will stay for a new kit like this

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04 Jun, 2013

Unpopular German-looking tops will be redesigned if England make it to the World Cup in Brazil

22 May, 2013

City's simple new tops are remarkably similar to the England and Barcelona shirts unveiled this week

20 May, 2013

Jack Wilshere unveils new shirts designed by Nike but they get a mixed reception from supporters