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From playing cards to revitalising the video game industry and propelling Super Mario to world fame

Microsoft's former CEO and chairman Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer: hits and misses from the Microsoft chairman

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Microsoft's former CEO and chairman will be remembered as much for his failures as his successes

Gaming giant Nintendo

Nintendo defends decision to block gay characters

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Gaming company says that the virtual-life game is 'not trying to provide social commentary'


Mario Golf World Tour – reviews of 'addictive' game

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You don't have to be a hardcore golf fan to get hooked on this charming new Mario game, say reviewers

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Hiroshu Yamauchi

Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85: game over for Nintendo tycoon

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Video game visionary led former playing-card firm from near-bankruptcy to world domination

Nintendo's adorable aliens return in Pikmin 3

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Guiding your tiny Pikmin and exploring gorgeous alien worlds makes for addictive gaming

Microsoft's Xbox One isn't pretty but it's powerful

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Gaming console may 'change entertainment' by letting users flip bewteen games, live TV, films and music