Sepp Blatter Fifa

Sepp Blatter dreams of a Nobel prize as Fifa bows to his ego

First Reaction Tue 9 Sep, AT 14:23

The Swiss is likely to win a fifth term at Fifa next year, but his mission is one of self-interest

Vladimir Putin

Was Nobel Peace Prize pick a 'sophisticated nod to Putin'?

Talking Point Mon 14 Oct, AT 13:26

Russian media claims the choice of OPCW for this year's Nobel 'indirectly acknowledges' president

Syria: chemical weapons mission seeks short ceasefire

One-Minute Read Mon 14 Oct, AT 10:55

OPCW team struggling to access some chemical weapons sites amid mortar shells and gunfire

Nobel Peace Prize Q&A: What is the OPCW, this year's winner?

Briefing Fri 11 Oct, AT 10:54

Destruction of Syria's chemical stockpile thrust it into spotlight, but OPCW has inspected 5,000 sites

Nobel Peace Prize: the five most controversial winners

Briefing Fri 11 Oct, AT 12:45

If Vladimir Putin collects award today he'll be the latest in a long line of questionable winners

Why the world weeps for Nelson Mandela

Fri 6 Dec, AT 08:02 Coline Covington

His death is especially sad not because he was perfect - but because he tried so hard

Anger as Nobel winner Mo Yan defends Chinese censorship

First Reaction Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:21

Salman Rushdie calls author a 'patsy' as he compares censorship to airport security

Morsi decree makes him Egypt’s ‘new pharaoh’ say critics

First Reaction Fri 23 Nov, AT 10:05

‘A major blow to the revolution’ says ElBaradei as president hands himself sweeping new powers

Burma frees political prisoners as Obama makes historic visit

First Reaction Mon 19 Nov, AT 10:51

President Obama praises Burmese counterpart for reforms, but Aung San Suu Kyi urges caution

Nobel ridiculed as 2012 Peace Prize is awarded to the EU

First Reaction Fri 12 Oct, AT 11:34

Controversial, political, comical: after twice rejecting EU membership, Norwegians give award to Brussels