Nobel Peace Prize

19 Nov, 2012

President Obama praises Burmese counterpart for reforms, but Aung San Suu Kyi urges caution

12 Oct, 2012

Controversial, political, comical: after twice rejecting EU membership, Norwegians give award to Brussels

31 Aug, 2012

Activists calling for end to 'dictatorship' aren't the first to use sex as a political weapon...

Joseph Stiglitz
News Hub
29 Jun, 2012

Germany's prescription of austerity for Europe is making problems worse, says eminent economist

Aung San Suu Kyi accepts Nobel Peace Prize
17 Jun, 2012

Burmese democracy campaigner delivers personal and touching address in Oslo

Nobel Peace Prize winners
07 Oct, 2011

Awards is shared by three women, one of whom used a sex strike to help bring peace to Liberia

muhammed yunus
One-Minute Read
02 Mar, 2011

Inventor of microcredit is victim of a ‘politically orchestrated’ campaign, say his supporters

Lien Chan, Taiwan
One-Minute Read
10 Dec, 2010

Confucius Peace Prize winner refuses his award, while Chinese restaurants take the brunt in Oslo

Liu Xiaobo
One-Minute Read
19 Nov, 2010

The prize will not be presented if none of Liu Xiaobo’s family can attend Oslo ceremony