24 Feb, 2014

Ultra-cheap Mozilla handset could 'dramatically extend global reach' of smartphones

HTC One Mini
04 Dec, 2013

Nokia win patent battle, forcing HTC One Mini off UK shelves by the end of the week

03 Sep, 2013

Both have struggled to compete in the smartphone market but deal could help them take on Apple

Nokia Lumia 925
14 May, 2013

New smartphone is 'serious contender' but can it reverse Finnish phone company's fortunes?

08 Jan, 2013

As sales of the Galaxy S III slip in fourth quarter, the Note II ‘phablet’ creates new demand

06 Dec, 2012

Investors take fright as China Mobile puts Nokia handsets ahead of iPhone 5

12 Sep, 2012

With rivals taking aim with dozens of smartphone models, Apple needs to prove it can keep innovating

06 Sep, 2012

Lumia 920 is innovative and looks lovely, but Nokia is criticised for faking a video demo and failing to reveal a price

05 Sep, 2012

Apple expected to win back a huge chunk of smartphone market with new device

21 Jun, 2012

Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will support the new Microsoft operating system which will be released in October