A nuclear reactor in South Korea

South Korea conducts nuclear drill after hack attack

Briefing Mon 22 Dec, AT 10:01

Hackers publish blueprints of nuclear power plants online, but South Korea insists it is safe from attack

Poster of the Interview

The Interview: was Sony wrong to cancel the release?

First Reaction Thu 18 Dec, AT 10:05

Early reviewers say the irony of this 'great test of freedom of speech' is that The Interview 'utterly sucks'

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un: beyond the personality cult

Profile Thu 27 Nov, AT 11:40

From a lonely young boy to a third generation tyrant who went on to execute his own family members

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea asks UN to investigate 'medieval' CIA torture

One-Minute Read Wed 17 Dec, AT 11:27

US is responsible for the 'gravest human rights violations', says North Korea, as it calls for 'thorough probe'

North Korea defeated by South Korea

North Korea 'covers up' football loss to South Korea

One-Minute Read Wed 8 Oct, AT 12:15

Sports-mad leader Kim Jong-un absent from celebrations as North Korea lauds athletes' successes while sweeping away defeats

Kim Jong-un's aunt 'died during phone rant with leader'

One-Minute Read Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:42

Defector sheds light on the disappearance of Kim Kyung-hui, who has not been seen for over a year

Murals outside the People Palace of Culture in Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea to publish 'rosy' human rights report

One-Minute Read Mon 11 Aug, AT 12:19

Report will show how 'bright' the country's future is and expose 'lies and fabrications' told by the UN

Kim Jong-un seen limping at official event - video

Video Tue 8 Jul, AT 10:32

North Koreans see an unusual display of weakness as Kim Jong-un marks grandfather's death

Previous North Korean cheerleaders

Why cheerleaders in North Korea have little to cheer about

One-Minute Read Mon 7 Jul, AT 15:42

Cheerleaders sent to Asian Games to make peace with South Korea will not want to put a foot wrong

A North Korean solider on guard duty

North Korea to put US tourists on trial

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jun, AT 12:29

Americans accused of 'hostile acts', including leaving a Bible in a North Korea hotel room