North Korea

Kim Jong-un seen limping at official event - video

Tue 8 Jul, AT 10:32

North Koreans see an unusual display of weakness as Kim Jong-un marks grandfather's death

Previous North Korean cheerleaders

Why cheerleaders in North Korea have little to cheer about

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Mon 7 Jul, AT 15:42

Cheerleaders sent to Asian Games to make peace with South Korea will not want to put a foot wrong

A North Korean solider on guard duty

North Korea to put US tourists on trial

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Jun, AT 12:29

Americans accused of 'hostile acts', including leaving a Bible in a North Korea hotel room

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korea threatens war over Seth Rogen movie

One-Minute Read
Thu 26 Jun, AT 10:37

Hollywood film about killing Kim Jong-un is an 'act of war', says North Korea

North Korea calls reunification ‘daydream of a psychopath’

One-Minute Read
Sat 12 Apr, AT 09:31

South Korean president should ‘keep her disgusting mouth closed’ in order to improve relations, says Pyongyang

Kim Jong-un's killing spree: what is he really afraid of?

Wed 29 Jan, AT 12:51
Coline Covington

As the death toll rises, so does Kim’s paranoia: our analyst's take on a ruthless young man, idolised by his mother

Jang Song-Thaek

Kim Jong-un executes relatives of his 'disgraced' uncle Jang

One-Minute Read
Mon 27 Jan, AT 09:57

Report says children and grandchildren slaughtered as despot moves to obliterate 'any trace' of his uncle

North Korea's military drone 'more like a toy'

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Wed 2 Apr, AT 12:46

Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is either an antique or a toy, experts say

Jang Song-thaek execution: it’s Game of Thrones in Pyongyang

Fri 13 Dec, AT 10:19
The Conversation

Kim Jong-un’s uncle made enemies by championing economic reform, writes Benjamin Habib