'North Korea chic': Elle sparks outrage with new fashion trend

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'Edgier, dangerous, take-no-prisoners tailoring'... get the Pyongyang look with $425 camo trousers

Kim Jong-un's yacht, island and 7-star party lifestyle unveiled

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Dennis Rodman reveals the luxury details of his week-long party with North Korean dictator

Dennis Rodman says Kim Jong-un is a 'friend for life' - video

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Ex NBA star raves about second trip to N Korea, but loses temper when asked about US 'hostage' Kenneth Bae

Is this Kim Jong-un girlfriend's 'sex tape'? - video

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Hyon Song-wol was reportedly executed for making porn video, but alleged tape shows demure dance

Hyon Song-wol, Kim Jong-un's former girlfriend

Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend shot for 'making porn video'

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Report that singer who dated North Korean leader was one of a dozen performers executed

N Korea: harrowing abuses recalled in rare public hearing

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Defector tells new UN commission how mother was forced by guards to drown her own baby

Gibraltar crisis: why is Spain 'behaving like North Korea'?

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Spain accused of 'sabre-rattling' on 300th anniversary of Treaty of Utrecht that made Gibraltar a British territory

Cuban arms seized on cargo ship bound for North Korea

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Captain of the Chong Chon Gang tried to kill himself as vessel was searched in Panama Canal

'Belligerent' N Korea changes tune and asks Seoul for talks

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Just weeks after Pyongyang's threat of pre-emptive nuclear strike on US, regime proposes closer ties

Ladies' man: Kim Jong-un has two daughters by two women

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Reports North Korean leader had a baby girl two years before his wife, Ri Sol-ju, was visited by stork