O2 Arena

Monty Python
02 Jul, 2014

Reviewers react to the first live reunion of the ground- breaking comedy team since 1980

Brits 2014
20 Feb, 2014

'Too cool' Bowie sends Kate Moss to pick up award and deliver surprising political message

Novak Djokovic
12 Nov, 2013

Serb beats world number one, but Nadal refuses to be downhearted after overcoming serious injury

04 Jul, 2013

Bublé shares a set list with many wedding singers, but his hit show can be 'electrifying'

06 Mar, 2013

A late start, computer games and a massive hissy fit were the real reasons for Monday's 'chaotic' concert

06 Mar, 2013

They were manufactured by a TV show a decade ago, but Girls Aloud are now 'part of the pop landscape'

05 Mar, 2013

Fans and parents express anger after teen star keeps concert-goers waiting two hours

11 Feb, 2013

American singer takes a swipe at ex-boyfriend by imitating his accent in awards show performance

24 Jan, 2013

2013 is shaping up as big year for women's sport as England win series against Australia

10 Dec, 2012

Tabloid Tales: Pop star Taylor Swift sparks romance rumours after picking up Harry Styles in her plane