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Obama lost faith in Afghan war strategy, claims Robert Gates

One-Minute Read
Wed 8 Jan, AT 09:43

Former US defence secretary uses new memoirs to criticise president's handling of the Afghan war

Who is more powerful: Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?

Talking Point
Thu 31 Oct, AT 15:16

Russian president tops Forbes list of most powerful people in the world, leaving Obama in his wake

Angry Merkel calls Obama over reports NSA tapped her phone

First Reaction
Thu 24 Oct, AT 09:46

US 'scrambling' to head off diplomatic incident as yet another ally accuses NSA of eavesdropping

US Congress

US Senate 'closing in' on deal to avoid catastrophic default

One-Minute Read
Tue 15 Oct, AT 09:33

Senate leaders say 'tremendous progress' has been made on deal to end shutdown and raise debt ceiling

Putin greets Obama at Russia G20

Obama and Putin set for G20 'collision' over Syria strike

Thu 5 Sep, AT 10:05

US President secures support of Senate panel for intervention, but Russia and China harden opposition

Crispin Black

Syria: PM's push for action ignores will of most Britons

Tue 27 Aug, AT 11:24
Crispin Black

Cameron and Hague are 'itching to have crack at Assad' but intervention will be 'dangerous'

Bradley Manning: 'overzealous' prosecution backfired on US

First Reaction
Thu 22 Aug, AT 11:54

Opinion split on whether 25-year-old whistleblower's 35-year jail term is harsh or 'tame'

Syria: Five reasons why Obama hasn't intervened

Thu 22 Aug, AT 11:34

White House in a fix as the Assad regime appears to call its bluff over 'red line' warning

Syria gas attack: defence chief prepares 'scenarios' for action

Thu 22 Aug, AT 10:22
The Mole

Will Damascus prove to be a 'Srebrenica moment' when anti-interventionists realise it's time to act?