The Observer

Julie Burchill's transgender article didn't breach PCC code

One-Minute Read
Tue 26 Mar, AT 11:18

Observer columnist had 'right to be offensive' with column calling transgender people 'screaming mimis'

Suzanne Moore: transsexual wrath has been 'insane'

One-Minute Read
Thu 17 Jan, AT 13:07

In latest twist, Guardian columnist says she is owed an apology by the transgender community

Burchill: deleted by Observer, resurrected by Toby Young

First Reaction
Tue 15 Jan, AT 10:09

Observer accused of betrayal after removing online version of Julie Burchill's anti-transsexual tirade

Observer row as Julie Burchill goes to war with transsexuals

Media Watch
Mon 14 Jan, AT 15:21

Government minister gets involved as Burchill goes OTT in defence of Suzanne Moore

We DO need statutory press controls say Miliband & Hutton

Media Watch
Mon 26 Nov, AT 08:21

Media barons enjoy freedom to manipulate opinions of millions, and must be accountable, says Will Hutton

Guardian offices

Printless Guardian story panned - but something has to give

Media Watch
Thu 18 Oct, AT 12:22

Media blogger Greenslade dismisses 'digital-only' Guardian report as 'wholly inaccurate'


Republicans play on US fears of threats from abroad

Opinion digest
Mon 30 Jul, AT 10:15

Opinion Digest: the Romney tour, the Syrian conflict and why Ed Miliband should be wary of Hollande

Amazing Spider-Man reboot adds rom-com to comic caper

Hot Ticket
Fri 6 Jul, AT 08:26

Andrew Garfield makes an appealing Spider-Man, but was it too soon for another remake?