UK pupils do more homework than many European countries

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Thu 11 Dec, AT 10:51

Report by the OECD finds a wide gap in homework levels between wealthy and poor school pupils

Bank of England

BOE's Paul Fisher says UK will not recover at same rate as US

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Wed 12 Jun, AT 10:17

Senior Bank official downplays recent positive data and warns UK is 'one or two years' behind America

UK 'safely in growth mode' and ahead of forecast, says OECD

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Tue 11 Jun, AT 10:00

Paris think tank says UK economy performed better than expected in April and recovery is sustained

UK economy shrinks by less than expected in 2012

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Wed 28 Nov, AT 10:03

OECD says British output will increase by 0.9 per cent in 2013, but unemployment will also rise

Piggy bank pensions

Why are UK private pensions so bad and what can be done?

Tue 12 Jun, AT 15:09

A report published yesterday shows that UK pensions offer some of the worst returns in the developed world

The Shard, London

Britain is back in recession, says OECD

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Thu 29 Mar, AT 15:05

Economists predict fall in UK GDP between January and March – and we might not exit recession until July

Gherkin; City of London

OECD predicts minimal growth for Britain

Thu 8 Sep, AT 17:02

Business digest: Paris-based thinktank paints gloomy picture for the world economy

OECD logo

OECD tells UK to raise interest rates

Wed 25 May, AT 12:11

Business digest: Thinktank warns Bank of England of sluggish growth

Bank of England

OECD cuts prediction for UK growth by a third

Fri 19 Nov, AT 12:33

Business Digest: Austerity measures will slow UK economy, warns OECD